• duomu:

    "i love asian girls haha!"


    "i love pale skin, shiny hair, skinny waists, big boobs, size 2 dresses, submissive, slightly quiet, cutesy demeanors and women who are influenced by a culture of more traditional gender roles which include female submissiveness and i think all asian…

  • 4gifs:

Hockey player makes kid’s day. [video]
    a1phaomega asked : I'm not calling u racist or anything. I'm just saying no one in the 21st century wants to be categorized into something like "black people" or "Asians" or "white people" we are all just cum. Evolved cum everyone starts out white at one time u were white. So like its just pointless


    lmao alright my guy

  • lion:

    sidechick: did u see the pic?

    me: what pic?

    sidechick: the one of us I put on insta

    me: image